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2019 Update by KayleighMacLeod | Jan 31, 2019

As we’re saying goodbye to January, I thought it was about time I gave you guys a proper update of what I have going on this year. I’ve put a lot of effort into learning how to write faster and smarter over the last few months, so there is a lot to look forward to!
I’ve already finished a 15K short called The Missing Branch that will be part of an anthology coming out later in the year. These stories are linked to Brit Lunden‘s paranormal thriller, Bulwark. Make sure you grab a copy to get up to speed with the setting. It’s my first foray into the paranormal genre and there may be some romance in there too…
Next up, I’ll be releasing the side project I’ve been hinting at for a couple of months. I should have my first draft of The Carnelian Fox, a YA gamelit novel, done by the end of next week. It’s set in a monster catching world, so if you like any of the franchises ending in ‘mon’ then keep an eye out for that! 😉
Of course, I haven’t forgotten about The Constellation Saga! I’m about 30% into book three and so excited to be aiming for a late summer release. Kitty, Asher, and the rest of gang will be back with the next instalment then, and the final book in the series will be my first order of business in 2020.
If you haven’t already got your copies of Heirs of Power and The Mage-Lord’s Legacy make sure to pick those up!
For the second half of 2019 I’ll be focusing on the World of Orthaya series. I have a little sneak preview with the short story ‘Sweetest Dreams’ here on the website. If you want to check out this epic fantasy setting, with fairies, minotaurs, and half-elves, click here –
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I think that’s about it for now. Thank you guys for being such awesome readers, I really hope you love these new stories and continue to follow the characters you already know!
Much love to you all!

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