Monday, June 6, 2016

Like an ant colony

The world has been destroyed by a gas named Variant leaving only flesh eating monsters above ground and a collapsing society buried under its poison surface. Like an ant colony, the underground city is a warren of districts connected by tunnels liked by trains. It is an industrial looking world, all gray with only a few precious splashes of color from near extinct flowers that are deemed an unnecessary extravagance by those in power.If beauty for the sake of beauty is regarded as superfluous, then what lies in store for humanity? The city is a simmering mess, the only hope genetically modified children engineered to survive in the soupy miasma on the planet. The experiment was created as the only way to cope with the hostile environment and was seen as a duty to save mankind. Time and circumstances has caused those involved to question the morality of the issue. What price is human life worth? Does anyone have the right to determine another's fate?
Terry is the son of a baby machine. His mother reminds me of the "super" Aryan women recruited to mate with their male counterparts to create a super human race. We all know how that experiment turned out. JN Chaney creates a dying world desperately to save itself by churning out altered humans to forge an existence in an inhospitable world. Will they be it's future or its demise?
Interesting book that invites discussion.

Happy Reading!
Carole P. Roman

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