Sunday, April 26, 2015

Great book that teaches tolerance and acceptance

Wonderful book that addresses gender intolerance for both boys and girls. In a terrific rhyme, Niki Bhatia writes of two brothers who are discussing what is acceptable behavior for a boy. The younger brothers likes the color pink and is told that he should prefer blue better. He explains that pink is alright, because even daddy wears pink shirts. And so it goes, from rough housing, to sports, to the types of toys the younger boy is supposed to enjoy. He explains that mom says it's okay if he prefers different things than his brother. He introduces a friend who happens to be female and enjoys more masculine pursuits. "Mommy says pink is just a red or blue. What really matters is what's deep inside of you." A truly thoughtful book that teaches children that labels are not necessary, and that any which way you choose is fine. I loved this book.

Happy Reading,
Carole P. Roman

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