Sunday, November 9, 2014

Great book, great characters, great writing...

Joanna Bourne does not write typical romance books. She captures the flavor of an age, the essence of danger, then lures you into a twisty, winding road of a tale, that captures all of your interest and refuses to let you go. Thomas Paxton and Camille Leyland are survivors of the revolution, trained as children to the infamous Cache, a secret school for children to be trained in the art of subterfuge and espionage. A chance meeting brings this combustible pair together where they must set aside their distrust and recapture the loyalties of their youth that bind them. Camille is being blackmailed, and Thomas is torn by both his need to protect her, as well as the new country he has betrayed. This is romance for grown ups, without simpering misses, and silly plots. Don't expect stale cake of Almacks and bored aristocrats. In James Bond fashion, the heroes are almost indistinguishable from the villains. London is gritty, the players experienced in the art of spying. I loved this book. In a sea of boring Regency romps, this stands out like tiger lily among the daisies. Joanna Bourne's books keep you reading all night long, because you can't put down the book. Her stories are never predictable. I keep checking Amazon for her next publication. Keep writing, Joanna! You have saved me from giving up the genre.

Happy Reading! 
Carole P. Roman