Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Dragon Moves In by Lisa Falkenstern

This review is from my grandson Alexander, for the book A Dragon Moves In, by Lisa Falkenstern.

I liked this because it was funny. The illustrations were very cool. My favorite part of the story was when they built a new house for all three of them to share. It was a castle. I love this book. I am four years old.

Alexander and I really enjoyed this book written and illustrated by Lisa Falkenstern. Rabbit and Hedgehog are having a lovely cup of tea, when an egg hatches, and they find themselves the proud caretakers of a baby dragon.

They feed it, play with it and altogether enjoy their new charge, until the growing size becomes a problem. After their home is destroyed trying to squeeze the large creature out, they come up with a solution for them all to live happily ever after. They build a new home.

We both enjoyed the pace and outcome of the story. It's nice when creatures large and small find happy solutions to problems. A lovely book, that was very much enjoyed by us both.

*I'd like to extend my most sincere apologies for an earlier version of this review that incorrectly stated the author's first name.

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